About the Artist

A. Keiri painting compositions are dream-like, blurring together myth, history and fantasy.

Heroes and heroines in romantic poses fill her stage, human beings who sell themselves into bondage for the dream of happiness—they are the kings of theatre. Everything happens to them—love, mysticism, jealousy, betrayal.  

Ms. Keiri enjoys painting people.  As actors and observers, they bring movement and the human sense of "time" to the vast and still universe.  Her paintings not only portray the bodies of beautiful men and women, but also their inner world as she imagines them, conveying the most profound messages through the smallest details and ornamentation. Her strong drawing and concrete lines give border and clarity to the forms of the human body.  Her ‘performers’ beg you to step onto the stage and play along with them in this fantastic theatre.

A.Keiri is in Edinburgh-based artist.  Ms. Keiri was born in Latvia, where she attended J. Rozentala Riga Secondary School of Art (1991-1997) and the Latvian State Academy of Art, Painting department (enrolled 1997, Bachelor's degree 2001, Master's degree in 2003).  In 2011 she completed Caravaggio master class at Angel Art Academy in Florence, Italy. She has participated in exhibitions since 1997.

Her work has been shown at: North Carolina’s Andrew's Art Museum, Toronto Art Expo, and Art Expo New York (2009/2010); The National Portrait Gallery in England, the Chelsea Art Fair (Bohemia Galleries), and in Italy at the Chianciano Biennale and Florence Biennale, where she received Jury’s Honorable Mention (2011). In 2103 she received the second place prize in the ARC Salon International competition in the Imaginative Realism category for “Turbulence of Time”, which was shown in the "Chianciano Biennale in London", Gagliardi Gallery, London, UK (2012).  She also showed works in the “N E C Art and Antiques show” by Bohemia Galleries, London, UK (2013).